{"data": [{"type": "relation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 10.0, "active": true, "item_id": 6795, "identifier": "origin", "id": 241, "lang": "en", "name": "Origins"}, {"type": "relation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 40.0, "active": true, "item_id": 6796, "identifier": "nerve", "id": 245, "lang": "en", "name": "Nerve supply"}, {"type": "relation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 10.0, "active": true, "item_id": 12237, "identifier": "branch_artery", "id": 391, "lang": "en", "name": "Artery branching"}, {"type": "subrelation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 0.0, "active": true, "item_id": 9566, "identifier": "cranialfossa", "id": 386, "lang": "en", "name": "Cranial fossa"}, {"type": "subrelation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 0.0, "active": true, "item_id": 9235, "identifier": "vessels", "id": 354, "lang": "en", "name": "Vessels"}, {"type": "relation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 80.0, "active": true, "item_id": 9584, "identifier": "tributary_transitive", "id": 387, "lang": "en", "name": "Veins"}, {"type": null, "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 0.0, "active": true, "item_id": 9423, "identifier": "premium-demo", "id": 364, "lang": "en", "name": "Premium Demo"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 5.0, "active": true, "item_id": 781, "identifier": "05", "id": 51, "lang": "en", "name": "Digestive system"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 8.0, "active": true, "item_id": 782, "identifier": "08", "id": 53, "lang": "en", "name": "Genital system"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 9.0, "active": true, "item_id": 3205, "identifier": "09", "id": 85, "lang": "en", "name": "Heart and blood vessels"}, {"type": null, "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 0.0, "active": true, "item_id": 9424, "identifier": "demo", "id": 369, "lang": "en", "name": "Premium Demo"}, {"type": "super", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 0.0, "active": true, "item_id": 6599, "identifier": "images", "id": 235, "lang": "en", "name": "Terms in images"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 2.0, "active": true, "item_id": 774, "identifier": "02", "id": 37, "lang": "en", "name": "Bones"}, {"type": "relation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 50.0, "active": true, "item_id": 6799, "identifier": "action", "id": 257, "lang": "en", "name": "Actions"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 3.0, "active": true, "item_id": 775, "identifier": "03", "id": 39, "lang": "en", "name": "Joints"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 1.0, "active": true, "item_id": 777, "identifier": "01", "id": 43, "lang": "en", "name": "General anatomy"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 6.0, "active": true, "item_id": 778, "identifier": "06", "id": 45, "lang": "en", "name": "Respiratory system"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 7.0, "active": true, "item_id": 779, "identifier": "07", "id": 47, "lang": "en", "name": "Urinary system"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 4.0, "active": true, "item_id": 780, "identifier": "04", "id": 49, "lang": "en", "name": "Muscles"}, {"type": "relation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 20.0, "active": true, "item_id": 6798, "identifier": "insertion", "id": 253, "lang": "en", "name": "Insertions"}, {"type": "location", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 200.0, "active": true, "item_id": 790, "identifier": "Hb", "id": 69, "lang": "en", "name": "Head - Brain"}, {"type": "super", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 0.0, "active": true, "item_id": 6797, "identifier": "relations", "id": 249, "lang": "en", "name": "Relations"}, {"type": "location", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 100.0, "active": true, "item_id": 791, "identifier": "Hf", "id": 71, "lang": "en", "name": "Head - Face"}, {"type": "location", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 600.0, "active": true, "item_id": 788, "identifier": "A", "id": 65, "lang": "en", "name": "Abdomen"}, {"type": "location", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 700.0, "active": true, "item_id": 787, "identifier": "B", "id": 63, "lang": "en", "name": "Back"}, {"type": "location", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 300.0, "active": true, "item_id": 784, "identifier": "N", "id": 57, "lang": "en", "name": "Neck"}, {"type": "location", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 800.0, "active": true, "item_id": 786, "identifier": "P", "id": 61, "lang": "en", "name": "Pelvis"}, {"type": "location", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 900.0, "active": true, "item_id": 776, "identifier": "LE", "id": 41, "lang": "en", "name": "Lower Extremity"}, {"type": "location", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 500.0, "active": true, "item_id": 789, "identifier": "T", "id": 67, "lang": "en", "name": "Thorax"}, {"type": "relation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 30.0, "active": true, "item_id": 6800, "identifier": "artery", "id": 261, "lang": "en", "name": "Arterial supply"}, {"type": "relation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 60.0, "active": true, "item_id": 6801, "identifier": "antagonist", "id": 265, "lang": "en", "name": "Antagonists"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 11.0, "active": true, "item_id": 3206, "identifier": "11", "id": 87, "lang": "en", "name": "Peripheral nervous system"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 10.0, "active": true, "item_id": 3207, "identifier": "10", "id": 89, "lang": "en", "name": "Lymphatic and immune system"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 13.0, "active": true, "item_id": 3208, "identifier": "13", "id": 91, "lang": "en", "name": "Sense and skin"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 12.0, "active": true, "item_id": 3209, "identifier": "12", "id": 93, "lang": "en", "name": "Central nervous system"}, {"type": "system", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 15.0, "active": true, "item_id": 3210, "identifier": "15", "id": 95, "lang": "en", "name": "Topography"}, {"type": "location", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 400.0, "active": true, "item_id": 783, "identifier": "UE", "id": 55, "lang": "en", "name": "Upper Extremity"}, {"type": "relation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 70.0, "active": true, "item_id": 9543, "identifier": "foramina", "id": 381, "lang": "en", "name": "Foramina"}, {"type": "subrelation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 0.0, "active": true, "item_id": 9236, "identifier": "nerves", "id": 358, "lang": "en", "name": "Nerves"}, {"type": "subrelation", "object_type": "fc_category", "display_priority": 0.0, "active": true, "item_id": 9237, "identifier": "bone", "id": 362, "lang": "en", "name": "Bones"}]}

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